2013 Year in Review

This felt like a busy year with costumes and events. And I sort-of let myself work on random/unplanned projects during the last quarter. But some goals were achieved.

My 2013 Goals
-Regency blue open robe (for the Regency Card Party)–Yup!
-Navy zone front gown (for the Francaise Dinner)–Yup!
-Red 1880s dinner bodice (for Dress U)–Nope!
-New catwoman cowl and gloves–Yup!
-Mike’s 18th C frock coat–Nope!

-Regency Blue Open Robe
Open Robe

-Navy Zone Front
Gadsby's Hair Ball

-Napoleonic Era Court Gown
Napoleonic Era Court Gown



-Grey Petticoat and Black Hat (the jacket was a gift from Isabella)
Lunch at Hunters Head Tavern

-Yellow Kirtle
Yellow Kirtle with Sleeves

-Rask Pony
Rask Pony

-Grey Half Robe and Embroidered Petticoat
Pumpkin Tea 2013

-Maroon Waistcoat and Black Wool Tailcoat
Holiday Tavern Tea

Black and Gold Fan

Gadsby's Hair Ball

-Embroidered Pocket (still need to post about this–I finished it last night)

2014 Goals
-New wool cloak
-Green silk francaise
-Re-work my brown floral print anglaise
-1770s waistcoat for Mike
-Mike’s 18th C frock coat (this will happen some day!)
-Something late bustle era
-A new spencer
-Stephanie Brown Robin (Robin IV) cosplay


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