Hockey+My Little Pony=Awesome

At the end of the last hockey season, a new, super awesome tumblr was started by an artist named Ali Lawrence. My Little Blackhawk. The premise? A cross-over between My Little Pony and hockey players, specifically Chicago Blackhawks players. Along with guest appearances from other teams, including the Boston Bruins. The result is some pretty adorable art.

I mean, look at this. Tuukka Rask, Patrice Bergeron, Zdeno Chara, and Gregory Campbell as ponies. Perfect. (Source: My Little Blackhawk)
My Little Blackhawk Boston Bruins

Of course, seeing these immediately got my wheels turning on a possible cosplay based on them. The result? A Rask Pony costume. I couldn’t help myself.
Rask Pony

The wig is by Arda Wigs, and the ears are by Yaya Han.
Rask Pony

I made light green leggings out of cotton jersey and knitted Bruins “hockey socks” (even though Tuukka Rask, as a goalie, doesn’t wear those so they show, but I thought they added to the Bruins flavor).
Rask Pony

For this picture, Mike told me to do “anime fingers.” I decided that went well with crazy face.
Rask Pony

My attempt at trying to work it with an over the shoulder look.
Rask Pony

I’m not sure that Tuukka would approve, but I’d like to think he would! This is his serious face though. (Source: Bleacher Report)
Tuukka Rask


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