First Annual Awesome Con DC

Today Mike and I briefly went to a new area comic book convention, Awesome Con DC. It was downtown at the DC convention center, easy to get to from the Metro. They clearly did a good job publicizing the con, as there were a lot of folks there for a first time event, including a number of cosplayers. The dealer/artist room was small, but very full with booths. There were also some rooms where people were playing Magic and other games. Plus some panels. We had a fun time, and I bet the con will get better and better over time.

I decided to go low key in terms of cosplay, putting together a “Selina Kyle goes Clubbing” sort of Catwoman outfit from pieces I had in the wardrobe. I used the faux leather bodice that I sewed for my Victorian Catwoman as a jacket over my 1880s corset and with black leggings. For the cowl, I wore a new one I purchased from ReevzFX, a very talented mask and prop maker. I decided to let my hair hang out the back of the cowl instead of tucking it up, as I ended up liking the look.

Photos of myself and other cosplayers below!




Ant Man

The X-Men

GI Joe Group

Boba Fett and Princess Leia


Jason and April

1950s Harley Quinn

Green Arrow

Blue Lantern

The Little Mermaid

Ken from Street Fighter

Emma Frost, Colossus, Bishop


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