PAX East 2013: Cosplay Photos

Whew, I’m still a little tired from my whirlwind weekend at PAX East. Lots of stuff to see and games to play. I’m going to break my posts into a couple parts, because I took a lot of photos. First is hall photos of other cosplayers.

There were more cosplayers this year than in any other year of PAX East, I think. Lots of impressive work on display.
Assassin's Creed Group

Zelda and Link

Captain America Cosplayer

Megaman Cosplayer

Ezio Cosplayer

Cosplayers in Main Hall

League of Legends Cosplayer

Batman and Robin

Deadpool Group

Cosplayer in the Food Court

Stephanie Brown Batgirl Cosplayer

Ezio Cosplayer

Power Rangers Group

Cosplayer in the Expo Hall

Cosplayer in Tabletop Room


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