Regency Card Party!

I had a wonderful time at Jenny-Rose‘s Regency Card Party last night. I was a little worried that there would be enough snow to make the drive down difficult, but we didn’t have any problems. Jenny-Rose and her parents made a wonderful array of foods from historic recipies. There were tables set up for whist and speculation. Lots of folks came, from as far away as Williamsburg and Philadelphia. It was great to see everyone, play whist, and just hang out!

Mike and I brought lemonade flavored with ginger, which was from a new recipe we tried. I wore my new open robe and wig. On to the photos!

Sweets and Candles Modified

Kat could not attend in person, but she was able to still join in the fun through the wonders of the internet!



Picture with Kat


Check out my “mad photoshop skills”–I removed the black folding chairs from this photo!
P2027602 Modified

Long Table Group Shot

Table Close Up, Modified

The rest of my photos are here.


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