Annapolis Comic-Con 2012

Sitting here listening to the rain from Hurricane Sandy. The wind has really picked up. Stay safe everyone!

Now back to our regularly scheduled costuming. On Saturday (which was clear and unseasonably warm) I went to Annapolis Comic-Con with Mike. I wore my Victorian Catwoman outfit, while Mike wore his Arkham City Robin. It’s a small con, but there were some fun costumes and some nice original art to look at. Plus the setting was good for a photo shoot.

I’m still working on ironing out some issues with my Catwoman, particularly with the bodice fit, but I had fun with the first wearing. I spent today taking in the bodice a little, and I hope to have everything totally done by the Steampunk Stroll event at Harper’s Ferry in December.

Various Marvel Folks
Marvel Cosplay

Bane and Wolverine
Bane and Wolverine

Nightwing and Red Lantern Bleez
Nightwing and Red Lantern Bleez

Very Accessorized Deadpool

Boba Fett
Boba Fett






The rest of my photos are here.


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