Had a great time up in Baltimore yesterday. Met up with my costuming peeps at the James Joyce Pub for dinner, then went to the event itself at historic Westminster Hall. We listened to a series of dramatic readings, featuring letters, poems, and stories by Edgar Allen Poe. The headline performer was John Astin. The evening finished with a toast to Poe himself.

On a super sad note, the Poe House in Baltimore, who organized the event, is facing the threat of closure. The City of Baltimore has eliminated the house’s funding after having supported the museum since the 1970s. If nothing changes before the fiscal year turns over on July 1, the house will close. Local fundraising and an online petition have been organized to avoid this outcome. Here are instructions for how to donate to the house directly.

Now on to the pictures!







The rest of my photos are here.


2 thoughts on “Poe

  1. Lucky you – all these events to go to! I do think the dress you are wearing might be my very favourite of all your dresses – the style just suits you so much, and the fit is perfection.

    That’s dreadful to hear about the Poe house. It’s such a hard time for the arts everywhere.

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