Recent Fabric Finds

Last week my husband and I visited a college friend down in Durham, NC. On the drive back we also stopped in Williamsburg and Richmond. Being on vacation, I of course needed to check out the fabric stores at the places we were visiting. I came back with some good finds.


First, the silk pieces I bought. Most of them came from a neat store in Durham, The Scrap Exchange. This store collects random stuff of all types and then sells it for use by crafters and artists. And by random stuff, I mean RANDOM! You want a 2008 calendar from a dentist office? Sure. Old wallpaper swatchbooks? Check. Miss-matched work boots? Yup. Empty glass test tubes? Got those too. All in a large warehouse space.

But the icing on the cake? Bins full of fabric scraps, many of them about 1/4 yard, for 75 cents a piece. At first I thought they would be the usual bits of ugly synthetic home dec. But, I put my hand in the bin just for kicks, and I grabbed something that felt like silk taffeta. And then I realized there were a lot of pieces like this. Now, it could have been really good synthetic, but for 75 cents I was willing to take the gamble. Most of it was a lime/yellow color, but there were also some blue, green, and gold pieces. Some of the pieces were really odd shaped, with circles cut out of them, but I could still squeeze a bonnet or trimmings out of those. Others were large enough to make a spencer or jacket out of. When I got the fabric back home, I did a burn test, and it actually is silk!



I also bought two yards of a bright salmon silk taffeta from a discount home dec store in Richmond, U-Fab. They have a room in the back that is full of remnant pieces for $2.99 a yard.

Finally, I also picked up a bunch of cottons. Some 18th c prints from Colonial Williamburg, and also some remnants at the Scrap Exchange. My plans are regency and 18th c for these.



6 thoughts on “Recent Fabric Finds

  1. I make things from vintage and reclaimed fabrics only and the Scrap Exchange is my all time FAVORITE source for great textiles and inspiration. Their twice yearly fabric blow out (I do the memeber’s preview) is the best sale ever and worth scheduling another visit to town.

    Here’s a post from my blog about their last, great sale–it was the best ever. All the fabric I could carry for 21 dollars! Check out the photos. The most expensive sample was marked $402 a yard. Velvet. I made a Christmas stocking to die for.

    The Scrap Exchange in Durham NC is the best! Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  2. Ooooh…you lucky thing! There was a store that sounds like the Scrap Exchange in Oakland, where I went to university, but alas, they never had any gorgeous silks like the ones you found! And of course, piecing and scrimping is perfectly 18th century!

    I’m also loving the cotton prints. I really must start sewing with some prints.

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