Pictures of Finished Sontag

I finished this for the Harper’s Ferry event in November, but I never posted photos of the sontag itself. I found this a very relaxing knit. Although it’s a lot of simple back and forth basket weave stitch, I didn’t think that was boring. The only issue I had with this project was a problem I made for myself: I almost ran out of the grey yarn I was using for the edging. I was trying to use stash yarn for this project, and I had about 1/2 of a ball of Paton’s Merino that I thought would work for the edging. But turns out I badly miss-estimated how much yarn I would need. I got by through crocheting slightly fewer scallops than called for (which I may have needed to do anyway, as I was getting a looser gauge than expected), but I still only had a yard or so of grey left in the end.


With the front tails undone, showing the ties with tassels

Side view of the ties coming from the back and tied in the front

Back before buttoning the tails

Crossing over the tails to be buttoned in the back

Buttoning the tails in the back

Close up of back button (I got it in a blog giveaway from the fun-to-read, talented Dreamstress)
Back button

Finished back

In progress photo of soaking before blocking
Soaking in the sink

In progress photo of blocking


4 thoughts on “Pictures of Finished Sontag

    • Thanks! Knitting is pretty addictive, so I find I can’t do it much when I’m trying to be productive with sewing.

      And thanks for the mother of pearl button!

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