Isabella is organizing a trip to Harper’s Ferry, and although I plan to wear my black wool day dress, I thought it would be nice to have something new. Enter a new kntting project: a sontag. I looked back at Katherine’s entry on Ravelry about her sontag, realized that I had the Piecework magazine that has the pattern in it, and then also realized I had enough wool in the stash to make one. I cast on a few days ago, and now I’m almost done with the back.

Back Piece

Another thing I’m jazzed about: I got to use my pomeranian stitch markers! (I’m a BIG pomeranian fan)
Pomeranian Stitch Marker!

A period photo of a sontag:
Piecework Photo


2 thoughts on “Sontag

  1. I just found out about Civil War knitting from a magazine purchased at the Michigan Fiber Festival yesterday, Aug. 19, 2016, in “Knitting Traditions; Celebrate History” Fall 2014. They have a pattern for a sontag. & how to wear it! Then I surveyed the Internet, and here is yours. What a great inspiration. I finished a Civil War flag of the Michigan l7th Infantry (I live in the house of a member who was in it, a great, great uncle. Thank you for this website. I'[ll be sure to get into this. Virginia Handy, in
    Sodus, Michigan.

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