Victorian Picnic

Had a lovely time at Kat’s picnic yesterday. She had turned her backyard into a little victorian paradise, with a spacious tent and croquet set up on the lawn. A lot of people came, dressed to the nines. It was great to see a number of DC/Philly area costumers, with all of their inspiring work. The heat wasn’t too bad, and we had jampagne after things started winding down. A wonderful afternoon!






The rest of my pictures are here.


2 thoughts on “Victorian Picnic

  1. Dear Quincy134,
    It’s been a long time since I’ve commented, but have been enjoying your blog, as always. You all had such a good time, it is clear…the shots of the menfolk were such fun! By the way, the heavily trimmed dolman in the flickr set became you so well. Had you had a thought of making one to go with your ensemble?

    Very best,
    Natalie in KY

  2. Hi Natalie–Thanks, it was a ton of fun. That dolman belongs to the hostess of the party, Kat. It made me feel so regal trying it on, so I may indeed make one for myself!

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