Guest Pattern Review: Twila’s Stovepipe Bonnet

Twila has graciously allowed me to repost her pattern review of the Mt. Hood Creations Regency Stovepipe Bonnet Pattern. I’ve added the review to the Regency Pattern Directory. She did a great job with the bonnet she made, although she has some reservations about the pattern itself.

Here are her comments:
It’s not a great pattern… No pattern pieces for covering, mull, or lining… And you need to add seam allowances to the pieces that she does give. Not great instructions too. If you’ve never done millinery before I wouldn’t recommend. But the idea of the pattern is sound, and if you have experience you can make the pattern work…

She makes a loose suggestion about covering the form and gathering the crown and brim pieces, but she doesn’t give those altered pieces or suggest how to draft your own. The pattern is very basic for the amount I paid for it.

Here is the finished result:


2 thoughts on “Guest Pattern Review: Twila’s Stovepipe Bonnet

  1. I’m glad I stumbled on your page, because this is exactly the sort of feedback I need and it doesn’t trickle back to me.

    I am going to do a redraft of this pattern very soon… which will include seam allowances and more brim-options (one that goes all the way ’round for instance) and shapes. I’m looking for someone to form it on CAD so I can make a proper pattern. This pattern was drafted by hand from a single bonnet I made back in ’07… and this was my first pattern-making experience. I’ve used it for the workshops, but everyone there has had the benefit of my explaining things to them.

    This review was very helpful to me, and stand-by because I will do what I must to improve it. I appreciate the feedback, and I hope people who purchase it will email me to let me know their thoughts as well.

    Life is all about experimentation. And I learn as I go. Thanks!

    Mt. Hood Creations

    • Hi Steph, thanks for letting me know that you’re revising the pattern. I hope you aren’t offended by the review above; I greatly respect you for making your own pattern, and the hats I’ve seen made from it are great. Please let me know when you release a revised pattern, as I will certainly post about it here and update the info in the Regency Pattern Directory.

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