And More Regency Outerwear

After I got the pattern for my spencer worked out, I immediately started on another one and a pelisse.

First, I have plans for a red flannel spencer based on the following piece from the Danish Moden 1790-1840 book:

Here is the mockup. I need to work on the collar next, but I already have a good sleeve pattern.

Second, a long wool pelisse, similar (but not identical to) the one from the Kyoto Fashion book:

Here’s what I have so far. I want to have a folded-over collar instead of a standing one. Also, I may arrange the braid differently than on the Kyoto example and have hidden closures instead of front buttons.


3 thoughts on “And More Regency Outerwear

  1. Hello! Lovely pelisse and spencer. I know this post is from a while ago, but can you tell me anything about the Danish spencer jacket pictured? Do you know the year, or what collection it is from? Thank you very much for showing this cool picture of an original garment!
    -Julia, aspiring Regency seamstress

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