Finished Waistcoat

I finished this up last weekend, along with my stays. Most productive sewing weekend ever! It helped that all I had to do was make buttonholes and sew on buttons.

I made something like 12 practice buttonholes by hand, and then realized that they all looked ugly because I didn’t have decent buttonhole twist. For whatever reason I hadn’t been able to find some in the right shade of maroon, so I ended up with this thick, icky, polyester thread. And it does not work well by hand! I ended up throwing in the towel and doing them by machine in thinner cotton thread. Since the holes are small and mostly covered by the buttons, I’m fine with it. I had already used the machine on this project, and I know that there are mistakes in it, so it wasn’t worth the effort of doing the buttonholes by hand.

Mike trying it on, before the buttonholes:


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